Body Contouring Exercise

When you don’t have the time to fit in a regular gym workout, it can be difficult to work up the motivation to exercise. Even if you hate jogging in public or just find it boring, don’t skip your workout!

There are so many resources available to learn how to work out anytime and anywhere – without hours of time or fancy equipment.

Here are some easy workout tips to help you stay in shape on the go.


No matter where you’re working out, whether it’s at the gym, at your desk, in the park, or in front of the television, doing the same exercises over and over again for an hour won’t produce the same results as switching up your routine.

Search for easy exercises you can do anywhere and make up a few routines you can alternate. Doing a variety of exercises will keep your muscles (and your mind) engaged for much better results. Prevent boredom on both fronts by challenging different stabilizer muscles, those that support your main muscle groups. Workouts like this target a different set of muscles each time and challenge them, giving you well-rounded results.

Every Little Bit Helps

Don’t give up just because you’re out of shape or don’t have to time to spend an hour exercising. Every little effort you make counts, from exercises at your desk to taking the stairs.

No Time for the Gym? No Problem!

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Sitting all day isn’t good for you, so adding these “secret” office exercises can improve your health and concentration. According to the WiseBread website some exercises you can do in the office without looking silly include calf raises, Kegel exercises, chair dips, leg lifts, and 6 other great moves.

For even more workout tips you can do in “a New York minute”, check out these nano workouts you can do during everyday activities, like grocery shopping

Quick Bursts

Particularly if you’re out of shape, short bursts of activity can be as effective as a longer exercise period, provided you work your muscles and get your heart rate up. The experts have found in recent studies that interval training, or short bursts of intense exercise, can dramatically increase the total calorie burn during a workout. Now the pressure is off to try and run non-stop for 3 miles!

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