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This steamy trilogy-turned-movie-franchise has both men and women adding new meaning to the words “playroom” and “contract”. In what can only be described as a phenomenon, this plot has everyone from soccer moms to Mr. Moms visiting their local movie theaters to see the book turned into a live action movie.

With the two leading stars looking picture perfect, we wonder if more people will decide to get liposuction or other procedures in order to feel more confident in the bedroom.

Liposuction Offers Self-Confidence Boost

In many different questionnaires on patient satisfaction after plastic surgery, those who had procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, or tummy tuck report the highest rates of satisfaction with their appearance.

In these same patients, the majority also reported an increase in self-confidence in the bedroom. And this makes sense, right? After having a baby, some women have loose skin, extra inches to lose, or have lost volume in their breasts. Plastic surgery can help alleviate many of those concerns.

Confidence in Appearance Leads to a More Open Mind

One of the most satisfying aspects of cosmetic surgery is boosting someone’s confidence and seeing them blossom. Whether wearing something new in the bedroom, going after that job you’ve always wanted, or daring to slip on that two-piece for the first time in years, patients love what plastic surgery does for their self-confidence.

Not everyone is necessarily an ideal candidate for plastic surgery (we always make sure patients are doing it for the right reasons).