Smartlipo is a gentle, effective method of liposuction, great for sculpting the bodies of people who can’t get the shape they want through the traditional means of diet and exercise.

One of the common misconceptions about liposuction, however, is that it is an effective tool for weight loss. Although liposuction does remove fat, the process cannot safely remove enough to produce significant weight loss.

Some plastic surgeons in the country do perform what is called “large-volume liposuction”, at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, however, we do not believe in putting our patients at greater risk for injury or complications for the sake of “looking thinner”.

Laser Liposuction’s Main PurposeWhy smartlipo Doesn't Work for Weight Loss

Laser assisted-liposuction, or liposculpture, is used to contour and shape the body by gently melting fat that is then suctioned out through a tiny tube, or cannula.

Laser liposuction, such as Smartlipo, is less invasive and requires less downtime than traditional liposuction methods. Liposuction’s main purpose is contouring and sculpting, making it perfect for patients who already lead healthy lifestyles and have effective exercise regimens in place.

Often, even the fittest of people have stubborn fat deposits that refuse to go away despite exercise and diet. Laser liposuction can remove these frustrating “problem areas” and sculpt a smoother, sexier physique.

Laser lipo by a trained surgeon experienced in the procedure typically produces excellent results that include balanced curves and tightened skin in the treated areas.

Recovery After SmartLipo

Another reason to establish an exercise program before laser liposuction is possible weight gain following surgery. In a perfect world, liposuction would remove any chance of weight gain later in life, but unfortunately this is simply not the case.

Some fat cells are removed permanently, but the remaining cells can become larger and result in weight gain if the patient allows diet and exercise to fall by the wayside.

Waiting Until You’re Ready

Don’t choose to undergo laser liposuction too soon–you’ll be disappointed with the outcome if you do so solely for weight loss. For best results, wait until you’re healthy, physically fit, and ready to shape and contour the specific areas of your body that have not responded to your efforts.

When you’re ready to take the next step, consider coming in to meet our expert cosmetic and plastic surgeons in New York, NY or Long Island. We offer AAAHC accredited liposuction facilities. Our surgeons are well-respected SmartLipo specialists and would love to discuss your goals during your free consultation.