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© Valua Vitaly – Fotolia.com

Women are always looking for ways to look thinner and smaller, and these ideals can sometimes prove damaging to self-esteem and overall health, particularly among teens.

One such ideal, known as the “thigh gap” describes a gap between the thighs when the feet are together. In the last few years on social media, it has become an end-goal for many who are unhappy with their thighs.

The Problem with the Thigh Gap

While some women are naturally able to get the thigh gap through diet and exercise alone, it is not a proper measure of how slender or fit a person is. While fitness goals are a good idea, a goal like getting a thigh gap can be unhealthy and foster negative feelings about one’s own body.

As Kendra Alvey, a writer for Cosmopolitan said: “Having a thigh gap has become a status symbol. We want it because it’s hard to get, but we see it everywhere so we think it must be attainable. We want it despite the fact that most of us aren’t built that way. We want it even though we’ll have to resort to unhealthy habits to get it.”

Many people with narrower hips are simply not built for a gap between the thighs, and pursuit of the thigh gap can easily become dangerous.

A Healthier Goal

If you want a slimmer figure, it’s best not to focus on a single body part, and instead focus on overall fitness, endurance, and health. Focusing on gradual weight loss through cardio exercise, building muscle, getting toned, and eating a healthful diet of whole foods is the best way to reach realistic fitness goals.

You’ll look and feel great! Patience is key, however, since real, lasting results do take time.

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