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Most of us suffer from “problem areas” on our body, and many women find that their stomach, thighs, hips, and upper arms are often the culprits.

However, there’s another problem area that women often struggle with that isn’t so widely discussed: the “bra fat rolls” on the back, also called “bra bulge” and “back fat.”

What Causes Bra Rolls?

Even women who don’t have a problem with excess weight can struggle with bra fat rolls because of the way the band of the bra indents the back and can make rolls bulge out from under the fabric.

Gravity, skin laxity related to age, and excess weight can also play a role in bra bulge. Bra fat rolls can disrupt the smooth line underneath shorts, and most women find them very irritating.


Checking Your Bra Fit

According to Susan Nethero, founder of Intimacy Bra Boutiques, about 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Fixing bra fat rolls may not be as simple as fixing the fit on your bra, but it can improve the problem dramatically and help prevent future problems, such as back pain. A fitting with a knowledgeable bra fit specialist can help you know what to look for when trying on bras.


If you need a quick fix, shapewear such as a slimming bodysuit can smooth out rolls and lines and help you feel more confident in form-fitting dresses and tops. Shapewear is great for special occasions, and is nice to have on hand when feeling self-conscious.


If all else fails, a gentle liposuction like SmartLipo can help reshape the bra bulge area. SmartLipo is great for tricky problem areas, because it can treat many different areas of the body, can be performed under local anesthesia, and involves almost no downtime.

A Surgeon You Can Trust

If you are considering liposuction for a problem area, visit us to discuss SmartLipo with one of our trustworthy surgeons in Commack, Long Island or Manhattan, NYC.

Our New York SmartLipo specialists are experts in body contouring, so you can expect great results from this gentle laser liposuction procedure. Surgery is performed in our AAAHC Accredited facility in Long Island.

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