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Some people who have lost a great deal of weight want to reward themselves for this achievement by undergoing a body contouring procedure such as Smartlipo, to help create a smooth and shapely physique or to resolve any left over problem areas that may have been unresponsive to diet and exercise.

Weight loss isn’t easy, and reaching your goals is certainly an accomplishment to be proud of. Once that goal is reached, however, it is easy to get complacent and slide back into old unhealthy habits.

Sometimes, this leads to a “yo-yo” effect, with weight fluctuating regularly. Unstable weight is unhealthy, as are crash dieting and extreme fitness programs.

In addition to these patterns being harmful to overall health, they can also be detrimental to current and future body contouring results.

Here’s why you should make sure your weight is stable before pursuing SmartlipoTM.

Fat Cells Go Away…But Does Weight Gain Cease?

Smartlipo is a great tool for resolving stubborn isolated areas of excess fat and contouring the body. Unfortunately, permanently removing the fat cells in a given area does not prevent general weight gain, and fluctuating weight can compromise the results of the surgery.

Waiting for a while after weight loss to undergo Smartlipo can be beneficial, as it allows you to make sure you can maintain a certain level of fitness and weight stability long term, which can improve your outcome from surgery.

Lifestyle After SmartLipo

One of the reasons Smartlipo candidates who already practice a healthy lifestyle are well-suited to the procedure is that fitness and diet maintenance following the procedure is necessary to prevent weight gain.

A sedentary lifestyle and poor diet can quickly negate the progress made by Smartlipo. The procedure can also act as motivation to make a lifelong commitment to diet and exercise. Read more about life after this procedure here.

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Has your weight been stable for a while? If you’re interested in Smartlipo and are ready to make the commitment to maintaining a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle, then get a free consultation with our New York Smartlipo experts and learn more about the procedure.

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