This past summer, the Star Telegram ran a story about a nine-hour botched plastic surgery procedure performed by Dr. Hector Molina after he read a book about liposuction. The patient suffered from “severe complications.”

This wasn’t the first time Molina has run into problems with the law. In 2004, his license was restricted for three years after he had prescribed controlled substances to patients over the internet without seeing them.

Unfortunately, these stories are becoming more and more common and we want you to protect yourself.

Finding the Right Doctor

It’s important to take the proper precautions when looking for a plastic surgeon. There are many doctors in America, and even more overseas, who do not have the proper credentials to perform plastic surgery procedures. This can end up with severe consequences for the patient, including corrective surgeries, health complications and even death.

Gather Names of Candidates

Use the internet, close and trusted friends or family members and even your family doctor to devise a list of candidates you are interested in seeing. You can also use hospitals and special directories to find names of plastic and cosmetic surgeons in your area.

Warning About Bad Plastic SurgeonsCheck Credentials

A background check is critical before you meet with any doctor. Find out about their training and education, professional experiences, and board certifications.

You should also find out if the doctor has privileges to perform procedures at accredited hospitals in your town instead of going to their own private facility, and also if any medical malpractice suit was ever filed against the doctor. You can do this by going to your town’s courthouse to review files.

Set Up an Initial Consultation

Setting up an initial consultation is very important. When you are there, observe the professionalism of the staff and front desk, make note of how many procedures the doctor has performed, as well as their bedside manners. Also, be sure to discuss any concerns you may have about your surgery.

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