Women and men alike want to feel great about their bodies; about how they present themselves to the world.  Many patients we see in our laser lipo NY practices are dealing with years of abuse to their bodies due to environmental elements, physical illness, obesity, or pregnancy.

The factors that come into play causing the skin to stretch and sag are various, as are the treatment options available for remedying such issues.

To begin with, it pays to revamp your lifestyle habits if you seek a slimmer, shapelier appearance.  This is a task that takes time and consideration, as well as a fair amount of discipline.

Sure, you could come into our laser liposuction New York centers expecting to remove excess fat; but healthy lifestyle habits are still highly beneficial for maintaining results and enjoying vitality for a lifetime.

If you’re considering either liposuction or a full-on tummy tuck, work hand in hand with your medical doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer to also develop the most advantageous diet and exercise routines at home so you can really feel your best.

Our Laser Lipo NY & Laser Liposuction New York Surgeons Explain How to Decide Whether SmartLipo or a Tummy Tuck is Right for YouWhen surgical procedures are used to contour the shape or tighten the skin, two very common procedures are tummy tuck and liposuction. Because the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team likes to opt for the most minimally invasive treatment first, let’s take a look at what can be done.

Today, our laser liposuction New York practices are booming because more people are seeing the immense benefit of laser-assisted surgical procedures.  With our SmartLipo technique, also known as body sculpting, laser lipo, or laso liposuction, patients get the body contouring they desire without the need for general anesthesia or long healing times.  Our procedure requires only local anesthesia, which makes this safer and more cost efficient.

Even for patients who undergo laser-assisted liposuction, sometimes a tummy tuck is in order.  These procedures are quite complimentary in many cases.  A tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, is ideal for patients who want to get rid of sagging skin  and/or separated abdominal muscles left after significant weight loss.

There are several options for abdominoplasty that create a completely custom approach.  Your circumstance is not the same as anyone else’s.

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team looks at all details of your case and helps you decide which cosmetic procedure will produce the best results.  Contact us today in our laser liposuction New York offices in NYC or Commack, Long Island to start towards your best body!

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