In our current culture, saving money and losing weight are often two top priorities. Fortunately, these goals can complement each other, according to behavioral psychologist Matt Wallaert. “Eating and spending are very similar behavioral processes in that they both are about the competition between our desires and the consequences.”

So if you need a little more motivation to lose weight than your end goal of smaller pants, try shrinking your spending at the same time as your waist with the following four tips.

1. The Foods You Eat

The obvious first step to saving money and calories is to eat out less and cook more. Buying in bulk, shopping the weekly sales, using coupons, buying less pre-packaged products, and eating more produce instead of meat can all help you cook healthful meals without breaking the bank. You may be surprised to find how much money you save by cutting out those packaged “health” foods!

2. Your Exercise PlanTop 4 Budget-Friendly Weight Loss Tips - Excercise

Think about how much you’re actually using your gym membership. Is that expense something you could cut out and still lose weight? There are many free ways to “hit the gym” with outdoor jogging, living room yoga, biking, and more. Better yet, your personal trainer could be your smartphone.

There are lots of great exercise and weight loss apps available. Close to work? Try walking or biking. If you’re still craving that “gym experience”, look for deals on memberships and classes on daily deal sites. Finally, if you’d like to try a new workout the Internet, as well as content streaming sites are great resources for instant step-by-step exercise plans and videos.

3. Activities

If you and your friends often meet up for a quick latte or dinner, those extra calories and dollars can quickly add up. Why not suggest a stroll in the park, have a movie night at home, or arrange for a delicious and healthy potluck event with your friends? For a fun twist to the standard potluck, assign a theme such as Fiesta Night, Asian Adventures, Tasty Thai Night, or Super Salads, etc.

4. Rewards

Along the way, set smaller weight loss goals and be sure to reward yourself for your weight loss with a new workout outfit or entry to that 5K you thought you could never do. Celebrate your newfound fitness level!

If you do reach your goal weight and still have stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t go away, why not spend money on something that will reward you for years to come? Why not consider body contouring?

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