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Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for plastic surgery. When it comes to procedures that use lasers, such as laser skin resurfacing, there are often additional risks to patients with darker skin tones.

This is because darker skin tends to absorb more light than lighter skin and is at a greater risk for side effects like burns and changes to pigmentation. These issues can lead to a poor aesthetic result—or worse.

Today, lasers are used for a wide variety of treatments, including liposuction. But do laser liposuction treatments such as SmartlipoTM affect darker skin in the same way as other lasers?

Laser Liposuction and Dark Pigmented Skin

There is good news for people with dark skin— Smartlipo results are not affected by the patient’s skin tone. This is because the interaction of the laser with the treated area takes place beneath the skin, and does not prompt changes in skin color.

There is a possibility that pigmentation around the tiny incisions from the procedure will vary depending on skin tone, but since the incisions from the procedure are so small, this is not a major concern.

Since keloid (raised) scarring tends to be more of an issue for people with dark skin, however, this should be discussed during your consultation.

How Laser Lipo Works

Laser liposuction is a common technique for spot fat removal due to its gentle and effective nature. Laser fibers are used in a small tube (called a cannula), inserted in to tiny incisions in order to gently melt and destroy unwanted fat cells.

This excess fat is then gently suctioned out. Because very little trauma is involved to surrounding tissues in the treated area, only local anesthetic is needed in our surgery centers.

Downtime generally lasts just a few days. Laser liposuction is ideal for stubborn “problem areas” of fat, rather than for weight loss.

Choose a Skilled Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon in New York

If you would like to get the figure you want with laser liposuction, then you will first need to come in to determine whether or not you are a candidate.

Just because skin pigmentation does not affect eligibility for the treatment, there are a number of other requirements that must be met in order to proceed with the procedure.

The only way to get your candidacy assessed and your specific questions and concerns addressed is to meet with a highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon like our New York Smartlipo experts. Our surgeons have many years of experience. To schedule your free laser lipo consultation in NYC or Long Island, call us today.




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