Smartlipo Popular Among Moms

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Moms deserve so much respect and recognition for the important and often difficult work they do. That work is a labor of love, which involves personal sacrifices from the time a child is conceived until their adulthood.

One of these sacrifices is the major physical changes involves with pregnancy and childbirth, which can be difficult, if not impossible, to reverse without professional assistance.

Many mothers struggle with “problem areas” and lingering “baby weight”, which can take a heavy toll on self-esteem.

Moms deserve to feel great about themselves, which is why plastic surgery can be a good solution for mothers who can’t seem to reshape their body with diet and exercise.

Smartlipo is a gentle laser liposuction technique that can be great for moms. Here are some reasons why.

Safe & Effective

Safety is paramount for any cosmetic surgery, but particularly so for moms. Smartlipo is performed under local anesthetic and involves only tiny incisions, though which a tube containing the laser fiber is inserted.

The gentle heat from the laser heats and melts the unwanted fat, minimizing bleeding and bruising following treatment.

Involves Minimal Downtime & Discomfort

Moms are always on the go, whether it’s looking after a young child or organizing extracurricular for school-age kids. Minimal downtime is crucial for cosmetic treatments, and laser liposuction offers a short and minimally intensive recovery period.

There are no large incisions involved, and many patients describe the few days of downtime as similar to the after effects of an intense workout.

Tightens Skin

While it may not resolve all of the loose skin caused by pregnancy (this depends on each patient’s unique situation), the laser technology helps tighten skin for a smooth and beautiful contour after treatment.

It accomplishes this due to the heat from the laser encouraging collagen production which improves skin elasticity and retraction.

Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Liposuction isn’t intended to be a weight loss method, it is a body contouring technique designed to help resolve isolated pockets of fat. Moms who are at or near their goal weight are ideal candidates, and more likely to continue with maintenance efforts like healthy eating and regular exercise–a great example to set for kids.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Smartlipo isn’t right for every mom, but if you think it might be a good idea for you, then come meet with our renowned laser lipo experts in New York and see if you’re a candidate.

Our cosmetic and plastic surgeons offer laser liposuction at our AAAHC accredited surgical suites in Commack, Long Island. Both our Long Island and NYC consultation rooms offer patients a world-class professional experience.

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