Although it sits behind you, the look of your backside is quite important to your overall appearance – and to the way you feel about your body.  If your derriere is larger than you’d like, and you desire a body sculpting consultation, a visit to our Smart Lipo Long Island or NYC practices may be just what you need to get back on track.

Our Body Sculpting NYC & Smart Lipo Long Island Surgeons Provide Our Patients with More Attractive BacksidesSmartLipo of the buttocks is ideal for the man or woman who wants to see a bit less of themselves in the backside.  Our body sculpting NYC and Long Island team can help you see permanent results after one simple treatment.

This procedure will reduce the size of the buttocks, and also provide re-shaping and firming.  Using laser technology, this cosmetic procedure is quite simple and safe.

Treatment is for men and women who want to remove fatty deposits from the buttocks.  The typical candidate is able to pinch more than a quarter inch of fat in this area, and is at the weight he or she is likely to stay at.

Patients that have undergone significant weight loss of 100 or more pounds may want to combine the SmartLipo procedure with a butt lift or body lift in order to assure ideal results where skin is concerned.

During the consultation phase in our Smart Lipo Long Island or NYC centers, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will evaluate the skin for looseness and discuss the most suitable treatment options.

On surgery day, a local anesthetic is administered in our Smart Lipo Long Island facility to numb the treatment area. The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team then gently melts fat away from the areas directly under the skin using the laser-assisted cannula technique.  It is due to the laser technology that smaller instruments can be used, as fat easily exits the body in liquid form.  The application of the laser also encourages skin to tighten following the procedure.

Fat is removed from the body through tiny incisions and a cannula that is just a few millimeters wide, similar to the size of a spaghetti noodle.  Using slow, gentle movement of the cannula, the procedure minimizes bruising and bleeding and facilitates a fast recovery process.

Treatment by our body sculpting NYC and Long Island experts takes only an hour or so, and the patient is able to return home for the recovery period as only local anesthetic and light sedation are needed to complete the procedure.

The SmartLipo procedure on the buttocks may be combined with other procedures or treatment areas for ideal results.  For instance, some patients choose to also treat the thigh area.  This allows the doctor to fully sculpt the backside from top to bottom.

Every part of your body is essential to how you see yourself.  When the backside is posing problems with the fit of clothing, or could use some sculpting, Smart Lipo gives great results.  Contact us in New York City/ Manhattan or Long Island for your free SmartLipo consultation.

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