One of the most difficult aspects of weight loss is keeping your motivation and momentum going strong. You’ve probably heard all the ways to help prevent losing enthusiasm, like working out with a friend, keeping a schedule, and finding workouts that are enjoyable for you.

While this is all great advice, sometimes it’s not enough to keep you on track long-term. Since most people use their phones in many innovative ways, why not extend that to your workout with some great apps?

Why Apps Can Help

Weight loss and fitness apps can help keep you on track because they allow you to follow your progress with real data, they can make your workout fun by customizing playlists, turning your workout into a game with points, and making it easy to track your food choices and exercise.

Accountability and convenience are great motivators, so get them with these great apps. The following represent just a few of the many great weight loss and fitness apps available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Great Exercise AppsSlimming Smartphone Apps 2

Endomondo: For those that like to exercise out and about, this app gives you GPS and other data to track your activity.

GymGoal: Keeps you at the right fitness pace (personalized just for you) and helps maintain a balanced workout.

Fitocracy: Turns your workout into a game! You can earn points and compete, all while keeping your information private.

Polar Beat: Helps you plan your workout and can coach you throughout if you choose; all through a sleek and simple interface.

Great Weight Loss Apps

Eat This, Not That Game: Presents you with two similar food products. Which one is healthier? Guess. You may be surprised.

MyFitness Pal Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker: Scan your food to see what’s really under the wrapper.

Lose It!: Barcode scanner, recipes and more.

Noom Weight Loss: Tracks your weight loss goals, diet, and exercise.

A Tight and Toned Body

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