How SmartLipo Can Benefit Your Backside

In both our SmartLipo Long Island and Manhattan offices, we consult with a variety of patients about a diverse set of body parts.  This is what is so great about working with laser liposuction versus the traditional type – we can treat a wider range of areas because of the special technology available to us.  One of the areas patients are finding they can improve is the buttocks, also referred to as buttock augmentation.

We’ve Come a Long WayOur SmartLipo Long Island & SmartLipo Manhattan Surgeon Discusses How SmartLipo Can Benefit Your Backside!

A beautiful bum has been viewed as an asset for centuries.  In fact, Ancient Greeks developed a word that specifically described this well proportioned body part: callipygian.

This word combines two others: kallos, which means beautiful, and pyge which means rump.  The Ancient Greeks, interested in exploring and learning about the human form, created works of art based on such figures.  The Callipygian Venus, which was once located in the home of Emperor Nero, now makes the rounds of the world’s historical museums.

If you desire your backside to be callipygean, a visit to our SmartLipo Long Island or Manhattan offices will help you discover your best way to get there.  With tumescent liposuction including laser technology, the results that patients receive are naturally uniform in symmetry with a better shape.

This kind of result is possible with the use of the small-sized tools used in Smart Lipo, and with the expertise of the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, they can remove just the right amount of fat from the ideal location in order to produce a nicely rounded and reshaped backside.

SmartLipo Technique

The buttocks is not a flat surface; rather, it’s round.  This makes it difficult to come to the ideal shape when larger cannulas are used, as in traditional liposuction.  With SmartLipo, cannulas are very tiny in diameter.  This allows the surgeon to make multiple micro incisions in various areas to access the fat.

The laser melts fat away, making it easier to remove through the small areas, which also facilitates a smooth result – with tightened skin, too!  Because the incisions made with SmartLipo are so miniscule, there is a high likelihood that the patient will not see any scars post-op.

Shape is as Important as Function

The shape of our backside is important to our overall aesthetic.  This area, consisting of subcutaneous fat, needs to be well proportioned in order to accommodate well-fitting clothing.

When the buttocks is out of proportion, it may cause a lack of confidence in appearance, and an overall dissatisfaction with it. Although you may not initially consider the buttocks to be a functional body part, this area is padded for a reason.  This built-in cushion is what allows us to sit comfortably.

Finding the Right Amount

Having liposuction on any part of the body is an endeavor that needs consideration.  When performing procedures, our SmartLipo Manhattan and Long Island surgeons are careful to remove the right amounts of fat in order to produce optimal results.

Remove too much and the backside can look saggy.  Remove the fat too quickly and lumps and depressions may occur, or symmetry may not be accomplished.  The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team offers beautiful results which is what have given us a reputation as “New York’s SmartLipo experts”.

Managing Expectations

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important to know just what it will and will not do for you before committing to treatment.  Laser liposuction, although successful at removing excess fat from the backside, is not designed to lift dramatically.  The only lift that will occur comes from the skin’s own elasticity working, which means that every patient is different in what he or she experiences in terms of tightening.

If you are looking for a lift or for more projection or curve in the buttocks, then liposuction coupled with fat transfer may be something to consider (Brazilian butt lift or BBL). We are also experts in this procedure!

To learn more about what our team can do for you, contact us in our SmartLipo Long Island (631.499.1831) office or at our SmartLipo Manhattan (212.206.0023) location for your free consultation.

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