Secrets to a Bikini Body from our Liposuction NYC Surgeons

Secrets to Getting a Bikini Body in 90 Days or LessSummer may almost be over, but that’s still no excuse not to get your body bikini-ready! Our laser lipo New York doctors know how important it is for you to both feel and look your best all year long, and we want to help you get that sleek and sexy physique that will help to boost your self-confidence.

Secret #1: Whole Foods + Calorie Controlled Diet = Success

Before considering laser liposuction in NYC or Long Island, take a closer look at what you have been eating for the last few months (or perhaps, years). Our doctors cannot stress enough the importance of a nutritious diet and calorie control to get faster results for a bikini body.

In order to help your body burn fat to its fullest potential, you need to provide it with the right kind of fuel. This means cutting out all junk including fried foods, processed foods, foods that are high in sugar or salt. Avoid simple carbs such as white flour and white rice and cut out red meat unless it is a lean cut.

Mid-day snacks that can get you through until dinner while helping you stay on track include plain yogurt with fresh fruit, low-fat cottage cheese and veggie sticks, or hummus with veggies. Try to keep snacks at under 150 calories.

Eating a diet that is full of veggies, lean proteins and whole carbs (whole wheat bread, brown rice or barley as examples) can help keep you on track and drop the weight. Remember that some experts estimate that 80% of your success will come from what you eat.

By eating this way, you are ensuring a better chance of success with burning stubborn fat away from problem areas before considering laser liposuction in NYC or Long Island.

Secret #2: Cardio for 60 Minutes + Weights Five Days a Week = Success

It’s not only eating healthy that leads to a rock-hard bikini body; exercise is essential! This is why our doctors are such big advocates of exercise. Having a daily exercise regimen is crucial to a healthy life and a beautiful body.

Our experts recommend that you get at least 60 minutes of cardio exercise five days per week. The cardio will help you burn fat; if you want to tone and build muscle, you’ll need to add weight training to your routine. Concentrate on one body part per day and work it to exhaustion. Give it a one week rest and hit it again on the same day the following week.

In order to get the best results possible before jumping into getting laser liposuction in NYC or Long Island, our doctors recommend this winning combination of cardio workouts with weight training five days a week. Working your muscles as well as your heart and lungs will help you to shed the pounds and to get toned fast.

Bonus Secrets for Boosting Your Results:

  • Drink 2 liters of water per day (more than the standard 8 glasses)
  • Do not eat any carbs with dinner (last carbs should be at mid-afternoon snack)
  • Do not eat three hours before bed
  • Try to plan your workout for the mid-afternoon (around 4 pm) when your metabolism is highest
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks or diet pills because they can dehydrate you very quickly
  • Eat a large breakfast, a medium-sized lunch, and a modest dinner (taper your calories through the day)

Getting Extra Help with Liposuction in our Laser Lipo New York Centers

After trying this aggressive routine of healthy eating with cardio and weights, you should achieve a total transformation in 90 days or less (depending upon how much weight you have to lose, it could be less).

If after following this plan for 90 days you still cannot get rid of problem areas, give us a call. If you have areas of excess fat on your body that just won’t go away, our laser lipo New York doctors can help.

Laser liposuction is an innovative and permanent way to remove your fat with little to no scarring, giving you natural, gorgeous results. Also, it is much more affordable than traditional liposuction procedures because only local anesthesia is used. Further, this procedure can fit into anyone’s budget!

We offer financing with zero down, low monthly payments through CareCredit and several other companies. Call us at 212.206.0023 today!

*Smartlipo is a trademark of Cynosure, Inc. The information on this page is not intended to be used as medical advice in any way. Always consult with your doctor for any health related concerns and before starting a new diet or exercise program.