Many girls dream of their wedding dresses for years and years before they even meet the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. In the past, that dream wedding dress has usually been any number of shades of white or ivory.

Despite tiny differences and fancy names like “diamond white”, wedding dress color standards in the United States have stayed the same for decades. Now, with more daring brides walking down the aisle, some are bored with the same old fashions, and want to try something different.

Prominent designer Vera Wang is leading the way with her new colorful collection.

Pink is the New White, According to Vera Wang

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Pretty in Pink

Vera Wang’s recent Fashion Week collection was all one color–but it wasn’t white. The designer debuted her new all-pink collection featuring large floral accents and different shades of pink from light to hot. Though the shapes were fairly traditional, the color and accents made the dresses really stand out.

You can get a peek at the collection on Vera Wang’s blog:

A Daring Look for Every Season

For brides who want something a little different for their wedding, color may be the way to go. With designers like Vera Wang providing new options, brides no longer have to stick to the traditional fashions or sacrifice a shape they love just to have a unique gown. Pink gowns come in many shades, so it’s easy to find a look that’s appropriate for any season.

Brides Looking Their Best

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and though her partner will think she’s the most beautiful woman in the room, every woman deserves to feel self-confident in her own beauty on her wedding day.

Many brides embrace the idea of liposculpture to help tone and shape their body before the big day. While laser liposuction doesn’t result in significant weight loss, it can help make any bride feel confident in her wedding dress.

Planning Ahead

If you’re considering Smart Lipo laser liposuction before your wedding, make sure you plan well in advance of the big day. Though recovery time from SmartLipo is minimal, you will have swelling that will take some time to subside.

In addition, wedding dresses must be ordered far in advance and tailored to fit you exactly. If you gain or lose weight or change shape during that time, your dress may not fit when you’re ready to wear it.

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