Patient safety is of utmost concern to any surgeon. The sad reality, however, is that some who administer cosmetic treatments are under qualified, uncaring, or greedy. These providers take advantage of patients who think they’re getting a good deal on cosmetic surgery.

patient death spurs maryland to regulate medical spasA Tragic Death

Worst-case scenario, a cosmetic procedure results in a patient’s disfigurement or death. This is exactly what happened at a branch of the Monarch Med Spa, prompting the state of Maryland to crack down on unnecessary risks in surgical centers.

Monarch, which has several locations, had three patients develop severe infections from the center. One of these, a liposuction patient, died of the infection.

You Still Need to Be Careful

Despite tighter regulations on cosmetic procedures, it is still critical to do your own research and be on the lookout for unsafe clinics, scams, and unqualified surgeons. Many states still have lax regulations on surgical centers and medical spas, which sometimes put patients at risk.

Here are some basic ways to assess a medical spa, surgical center, or surgeon for safety and the chance of a positive outcome. Make sure:

  • The surgeon is board certified
  • The surgical center or spa is AAAHC accredited
  • The surgeon has experience and a good bedside manner
  • The surgeon has a high rate of patient satisfaction


  • Huge discounts that seem too good to be true
  • A dismissive surgeon, or one that seems unsure and has trouble answering questions
  • Non-accredited facility
  • A surgeon with little experience and no certification or honors

Call Our Doctors for a Safe Procedure

If you’re considering SmartLipo to resolve your problem areas and get a sleek, sexy physique, be wary of medical spas claiming expertise in the procedure.

Even though SmartLipo is performed under local anesthesia, it is unwise to have the surgery with anyone but a trained, highly-experienced plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

For more information on the procedure, call our AAAHC accredited facility to set up a free consultation with our expert Long Island and NYC SmartLipo surgeons.

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