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Why SmartLipo Really is Smart

Laser Lipo Experts Explain Why SmartLipo Really is Smart

Get Smart Options with SmartLipo ManhattanLiposuction has been around for a long time and everyone seems to know about it. But how many really know about Smartlipo?

It has been in use since 2007 and is considered cutting-edge technology. Our surgeons are thoroughly trained in this procedure and will give the most optimal results.

You may wonder, though, what exactly makes laser fat removal better than traditional liposuction? Our laser lipo New York surgeons, want you to be informed and know the facts about both Smartlipo, traditional liposuction, and liposuction alternatives.

The Operation Room Facts

One of the first things to know about the differences between these two procedures is that Smartlipo is considered to be the much less invasive style of surgery. When beginning every surgery, an anesthetic is generally administered.

With Smartlipo it is a local anesthetic, meaning that only the area being treated will be numb, thus allowing the patient to be completely awake the entire time. This calms anxieties about general anesthesia, like those used in traditional liposuction, which places the patient completely unconscious.

It is important to know, however, that you are in good hands during any surgery we perform at our Smartlipo New York centers, and we ensure safety and care with any procedures that use general anesthetics.

Once numbing has occurred, the surgery begins! With liposculpture, a small hollow tube (called a cannula) that is attached to a high power vacuum is inserted into the 6mm wide incision and carefully moved around to remove the unwanted fat.

With Smartlipo, the incision is generally only 1mm wide and the cannula has a laser that eliminates fat as well as sealing blood vessels and arteries to reduce bleeding and swelling which means less bruising after surgery. Because of this laser technology, Smartlipo is also often times referred to as laser lipo.

After the surgeon finishes with the procedure, the incision sight will be small enough to not need stitches and can be closed with a bandage.

Liposuction Recovery Time Is Cut Way Back

Going into any type of surgery or treatment we all want to know just how long it will be until life returns back to normal. With traditional liposuction it can be anywhere from a few weeks to a month or more. Smartlipo, however, will have you back on your feet, in the office, and at the park with your kids in just a few days.

Depending on the area you receive the Smartlipo surgery (whether it be on your chin, face, arms, abdomen, thighs, etc.), people will begin noticing and complimenting your new youthful look soon after your surgery!

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While traditional liposuction and Smartlipo are virtually the same procedure, it is clear to see why laser liposuction is becoming the more popularly requested of the two. If you are looking for a more youthful look with fast results, we would love to hear from you and book your free consultation as soon as possible!

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