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Revision Liposuction

Our SmartLipo Long Island & NYC Surgeons Discuss Revision Liposuction

Achieve a Beautiful Body with SmartLipo Body Sculpting NYCIn our practices, we see patients who are seeking first-time treatment for stubborn areas of fat that will not respond to diet and exercise.  Additionally, we see a good number of patients who did not receive their desired result with traditional liposuction from another surgeon. This brings them to our liposuction NY offices for correction.

Conventional Liposuction Yields Poor Results

Traditional liposuction, although still used by some doctors, has shortcomings.  Fortunately, patients who received this treatment but experienced less-than-optimal results have options today to finally achieve the goals they had once felt were well within reach.

Suffering through a failed cosmetic procedure is stressful.  It is important to understand that you did nothing wrong in seeking cosmetic surgery in the first place, and that your results may have nothing to do with your post-surgical activities.

Everybody heals in its own unique way, and traditional liposuction may simply have caused too much trauma for certain patients to heal in the way they thought they would.  This is an inherent risk of traditional (non-tumescent) liposuction; this is why we do not perform traditional liposuction in our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York surgical centers.

There is Hope for a Beautiful Body

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for the patient who is dealing with lumps, bumps, indentations, depressions, or hollow areas in their treatment areas; we've got the solution in our liposuction NY and Long Island surgical centers.  With SmartLipo laser liposuction treatment, we are able to personalize liposuction treatment to meet your specific needs and we perform body sculpting to achieve your ideal proportions.

Today’s Best Liposuction Option

SmartLipo laser lipo has proven to be more advanced than traditional liposuction in that this procedure calls for smaller equipment and laser-assisted fat removal.  The heat from the laser melts fat before it is suctioned away in liquid form. This makes the procedure appropriate for the correction of liposuction imperfections as well as smaller areas of the body such as the chin or arms.

Because fat is liquefied before removal, only smaller cannulas are needed during surgery.  For the correction of lumpy areas or dips that have resulted from older liposuction methods, laser lipo is ideal due to the benefits provided by the laser.  We exclusively use the SmartLipo technology as our only laser-assisted type of tumescent liposuction in our SmartLipo Long Island and New York City centers.

Skilled Liposuction Surgeons Give You the Best Results

In addition to the laser technology, the skill of your liposuction surgeon is important.  It is commonly believed that most liposuction mistakes come not from technology or technique, but from the skill of the practitioner.  Our doctors have achieved years of experience, expertise, and mastery of the laser liposuction technique in this specialized cosmetic surgery niche.

When unwanted liposuction results occur, it is critical that an expert who understands and has the knowledge and experience in correcting liposuction defects carry out any attempted correction. As with anything, things are always better when they are done right the first time, however, if undesirable liposuction results occur, they can be corrected with the modern techniques used by our laser liposuction NY and Long Island specialists to give you a desirable outcome.

Don’t Wait- Book a Free Consultation Today in Our Liposuction NY Offices

If you've tried once and received less than what you desired, you have options for the correction of traditional liposuction mistakes.  You CAN love the body you're in!  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to see if SmartLipo laser liposuction is right for you.

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