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Laser Liposuction is Safer than Traditional Liposuction

How Laser Liposuction Techniques are Safer than Traditional Lipo

Our SmartLipo New York and Laser Liposuction New York City Experts Discuss How Laser Liposuction Techniques are Safer than Traditional Lipo New York Laser Liposuction, SmartLipo New YorkIn the world of plastic surgery, laser liposuction is one of the most popular ways to target problem areas of the body that won’t respond to a healthy diet, exercise, or weight loss.

This can be especially frustrating for our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York patients who have worked for months and still cannot achieve the results they desire.

Advances in cosmetic surgery have allowed us to develop unique methods for performing laser lipo using only local anesthesia; this is just one of many reasons why our SmartLipo surgeons agree that this liposuction procedure is one of the safest methods for liposuction.

Laser Technology is Far Better than the Rest

Laser technology is revolutionary and much safer for our laser liposuction patients than traditional liposuction for several reasons; the most important being the laser fiber technology inside. With traditional liposuction, a cannula is inserted into the body and repeatedly inserted to manually dislodge and remove the fat.

The fat is removed in solid particles, which can leave patients with less than desirable results such as lumpiness and bumpy skin surfaces. The laser fiber actually targets ONLY the fat cells in the targeted areas, instantly melting them away, liquifying them, and the suction cannula then removes them, leaving a smoothly sculpted surface.

Local Anesthesia vs. General Anesthesia

Our SmartLipo experts have developed unique, local anesthesia-only techniques for performing laser liposuction on our patients. This makes the procedure safer by eliminating the risks associated with going under general anesthesia.

This is why our cosmetic surgeons have developed new methods for body sculpting without the use of general anesthesia. Our top priority is patient safety and using only local anesthesia is one of the best ways to improve the safety profile for patients.

An additional benefit of using only local anesthesia is that the cost of our SmartLipo procedure is greatly reduced. General anesthesia requires fees that are extremely expensive. When these fees are eliminated, the cost of the procedure becomes more affordable.

As a matter of fact, many of our patients report that they waited for years to have their laser liposuction because they priced the procedure with other cosmetic surgeons who use general anesthesia; they soon found that they could not afford to have it done.

Virtually Pain-Free with Minimal Bruising

One of the major differences in SmartLipo over other liposuction methods (aside from the beautiful results) is the post-procedure recovery process. With standard liposuction, there is great discomfort and extensive bruising. Recovery can take several weeks and is a difficult journey requiring narcotic pain killers many times. With procedures from our laser liposuction New York City & Long Island surgeons, patients experience only a few days of downtime, very little pain after the procedure, and very minimal bruising.

How is this accomplished? The laser fiber emits heat in a concentrated laser beam that specifically targets fat and leaves nerves and blood vessels largely undisturbed. This results in less blood vessels broken during the procedure (minimal blood loss during the procedure with fewer bruises and lower risk of blood clots post-procedure).

The nerves are left alone, thus allowing the nervous tissue to be undamaged for the most part, allowing for a more comfortable post-op recovery. With only a few days of downtime, many of our patients can have the procedure on a Friday and get back to work by Monday morning!

Tight Skin vs. Loose, Sagging Skin

With laser technology, the laser beam heats the under layers of the skin, causing the collagen in the skin to contract. This process, when repeated in a treatment area, provides patients who formerly had loose skin due to weight loss, aging, sun damage or pregnancy to experience tighter, smoother skin with the treatment.

With traditional liposuction, the procedure removes solid particles of fat, leaving it up to the skin to shrink down to the treated area's new slimmer size. When skin has already lost elasticity, it is impossible for these patients to have optimal results after liposuction. With SmartLipo laser liposuction, however, the laser causes the collagen to contract and actually helps to shrink the skin up against the treated areas, producing a smoother and tighter surface.

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