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Laser Liposuction vs. Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Laser Liposuction NYC and SmartLipo ManhattanIn our SmartLipo Manhattan & Long Island practices, we see a great number of patients who desire a firmer, shapelier physique.  These men and women typically have many questions regarding the most appropriate procedure, the process and what results may be expected from different treatment options.

When considering how to best move forward towards your best body, you may wonder about surgical versus non-surgical treatments.

Non-Surgical Treatments Target Cellulite

Every patient is different, and there are those who are perfectly suited to non-surgical treatments such as VelaShape.  A patient who seeks to reduce the appearance of cellulite from problem areas of the body is the ideal candidate for VelaShape, a medical treatment that uses elos™ to improve the texture of the skin.

This treatment combines heat, light, suction and massage on fatty tissues that have settled onto the tummy, thighs, hips or other areas.  With this non-invasive cellulite treatment, patients will see an improvement in body contour and a vast reduction of cellulite.

Although non-invasive and effective at achieving cellulite reduction results, this non-surgical cosmetic treatment cannot accomplish what laser liposuction can; permanent removal of fat in specific areas. VelaShape is therefore not ideal for every patient.

SmartLipo is Advanced Liposuction

SmartLipotm, performed by our laser liposuction NYC & Long Island surgeons, is the liposuction procedure for the modern patient.  In the past, liposuction was only performed in the standard way, which utilized manual breaking up of the fat, suction, and larger cannulas to surgically remove fat cells from problem areas.

With SmartLipotm, laser technology lends a hand and makes the entire process safer and more effective than ever. For the patient who has areas of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise, this cosmetic treatment may be ideal; as it does more than simply treat the skin.

Treatment destroys fat cells using heat energy from the laser light beam.  This energy melts fat before it is removed from the body, and does not vastly affect surrounding tissues.

Although this is a surgical procedure, it is still considered minimally invasive. Additionally, SmartLipotm results in very little bruising or bleeding and requires far less downtime than traditional liposuction.

Contour by Design

Neither laser liposuction nor non-surgical cellulite treatments are designed to remove large amounts of fat from the body.  Ideally, such procedures are performed as a touch-up, treating stubborn areas of fat or cellulite that have remained even when the patient is at his or her desired body weight.

Before such cosmetic treatment is scheduled, the patient should be at a weight he or she is happy with and intends to stay at.  By taking such precautionary measures, the patient ensures optimal results that will last with continued diet and exercise.

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We are fortunate to live in a time in which technology has allowed for so many wonderful medical advancements.  With the advent of laser technology and procedures such as VelaShape and SmartLipo, we all have the ability to feel great about the contours of our bodies as we go through life. Contact us today to schedule your free body contour consultation; personalized plans with superior results!

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