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The skin is an amazing organ that can expand and contract when we gain or lose weight. Unfortunately, it sometimes has trouble keeping up with the rate of weight gain or loss, which can result in stretch marks (weight gain) or sagging skin (weight loss).

In the past, liposuction had to be performed conservatively enough to prevent sagging, or take extra measures to deal with the excess skin. Today, with new and innovative techniques like SmartlipoTM, it is easier than ever to manage the problem of loose skin.

The heat in the laser helps the collagen to retract in the deep layer of the skin. But how much can the procedure actually help tighten skin?

Good Results–If Applied Properly

The skin tightening effects of laser liposuction can be significant, as long as the surgery itself is applied properly. Here are the factors that contribute to successful post-procedure skin retraction:

Treating Problem Areas

Smartlipo is not intended for weight loss, and the results of using this technique for that purpose will be less than desirable. Laser liposuction, like all other forms of liposuction, is intended to focus on isolated pockets of fat, which do not respond to diet and exercise.

When laser lipo is focused on specific treatment areas, skin tightening is usually significant, but if too much fat is removed at once, the skin will be unable to retract, despite help with collagen production from the laser.

The point to remember is that laser technology can only go so far. For patients that have lost a significant amount of weight, yes still have isolated pockets of fat, the surgeon may sometimes recommend a lift procedure (thigh lift, tummy tuck, or arm lift) for excessive skin reduction in addition to liposuction in the surrounding areas for smoother and tighter results.

Ensuring Good Skin Elasticity

Most healthy individuals are good candidates for Smartlipo. However, while not everyone who wants laser liposuction needs to have highly elastic skin, good elasticity does help ensure proper skin tightening following the procedure. This element of candidacy is especially important for patients seeking laser lipo to the face or neck.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

The most important aspect of successful treatment is, of course, the surgeon performing the procedure. Good technique goes a long way toward patient satisfaction, and only highly-trained and skilled providers are experienced enough with laser liposuction technology to consistently produce good results.

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