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Many patients think that liposuction is the answer to all their weight loss problems. Although liposuction techniques such as SmartlipoTM are ideal for problem areas and body contouring, it is easy to be overly optimistic about the amount of fat that can be removed with the procedure.

So what amount of fat is realistic to have removed when it comes to liposuction treatment?

How Much Fat Can Safely Be Removed During Lipo?

Some people are surprised by how little fat is typically removed with Smartlipo. There is no set amount, as it depends on the patient; however, the procedure is not designed for weight loss and should never involve large amounts of fat extraction.

During your consultation, you should ask potential surgeons how much fat you might expect to lose. In general, it is reasonable to lose a few inches in the treated areas.

Some doctors recommend about 250-300 ccs of fat be removed per area. Some surgeons raise these limits much more–several liters, in fact, but this is highly discouraged for safety reasons and is unrealistic for patients’ expectations. Learn more about the safety of SmartLipo.

Loose Skin After Liposuction

Skin laxity needs to be taken into account as well. If too much fat is removed at once, it will be very difficult for the skin to retract fully. The heat from the laser that is used to perform Smartlipo will help encourage the skin to tighten, but there’s only so much it can do to assist in this process.

Body Contouring Effects

Even if only a small amount of fat is removed, the final results do not directly correlate to the volume of fat that is suctioned out. Smartlipo is all about body contouring, which focuses on sculpting the body, creating a smoother, sleeker physique, even when very little overall fat is removed.

For instance, the procedure can help create more shapely thighs and get rid of stubborn fat pockets, often located in the hips and belly regions as “love handles” or “saddlebags”

If you’re thinking about liposuction, try not to focus on the amount of fat removed, but rather the overall visual results, which will appear gradually in the months following surgery.

Maintaining Results After Liposuction

No matter how much fat is removed, it is crucial for Smartlipo patients to be diligent in maintaining the results of SmartLipo.  While fat cells removed during the process will not come back, remaining fat cells can still expand, causing weight gain.

To prevent this, a healthy diet and exercise will go a long way toward maintaining beautiful results!

Choose a Laser Liposuction Expert

Smartlipo is considered a minimally invasive procedure, but it does require great skill in order to administer the treatment successfully. If you’d like to speak with an expert, come meet our team of New York liposuction specialists, known internationally for our success in reshaping patients’ bodies.

To learn more about having a safe and effective laser liposuction experience, visit our Commack, Long Island and New York City locations for your complimentary consultation.

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