When you consider what cosmetic surgery procedures may best serve you, there are likely options that you’ve never even considered.  Many of our laser lipo NY patients feel drawn to treatments they never knew they could have after their first comprehensive consultation.

Facial Rejuvenation

When it comes to improving the face and neck area, liposuction is very safe and effective; especially in relation to removing fat from the cheeks, jowls and chin.  Compared to a full facelift, liposuction involves fewer scars and complications, and steers clear of general anesthesia.

Our laser liposuction New York patients can expect lower costs and a more rapid recovery period to reach a naturally beautiful appearance.

SmartLipo Can Be IndividualizedOur Laser Lipo NY & Laser Liposuction New York Surgeons Suggest Liposuction for a More Youthful Face

Men like laser lipo in the face and neck areas because they enjoy the natural return to their youthful appearance.  Women receive very nice results when laser liposuction is used to remove deposits of subcutaneous fat that has settled into the face and neck and then a chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing can be done to slough off old skin cells and reveal fresh young cells.

Each of our laser lipo NY patients has a unique situation, so we take care to personalize each consultation to address individual patients’ concerns and desires.

Through a consultation, it can be determined if laser liposuction is ideal for your particular situation or if a facelift is a preferable procedure.  For instance, when large folds of skin are present without excess subcutaneous fat, laser lipo would not be warranted.  In such a scenario, skin needs the lift it can only get from a facelift.

We also offer expert injectables for wrinkle treatment and facial fillers to fill in the creases and folds produced by the aging process.

Chin, Jowls and Cheeks                    

In our laser liposuction New York practices, we address several areas of the face, including the submental (below the jaw) chin, the jowls, and small portions of the cheeks.  The submental chin involves the area that begins just below the margin of the jaw and reaches around to the front of the neck.

Many people experience deposits of excess fat in this small area below the chin, regardless of age.  In such instances, laser liposuction is ideal to simply, safely and effectively eliminate the cosmetic issues that come from excess fat in this area.

The area of the lower cheek sometimes accumulates a small amount of fat that overlies the jaw bone; resulting in jowls.

This condition is a cosmetic concern for both men and women, as it can age you and make you feel uncomfortable with your appearance.  By removing the extra subcutaneous fat in this area with SmartLipo, confidence can be restored!


The neck area is susceptible to what is called platysma bands; prominent vertical folds that appear on the front of the neck.  Bands are made up of loose folds of fat and superficial muscles.  The appearance of bands can sometimes be corrected with liposuction as well as a tightening of the muscles through tiny incisions.

Aging is something we cannot escape.  We can, however, combat premature aging and maintain a vibrant healthy appearance through suitable cosmetic procedures like laser liposuction.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and receive a customized facial rejuvenation plan for a more youthful look.

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