Liposuction Is Not the End of the Road for Our SmartLipo Long Island & SmartLipo Manhattan PatientsSometimes, our SmartLipo Long  Manhattan and Long Island patients will wonder if he or she will have to diet forever in order to maintain results from the procedure performed to remove excess fat from stubborn areas of their body.

This is actually a good question, because it shows an understanding that any type of body contouring procedure is only as good as the follow up a patient can put into his or her routine.

SmartLipo and Maintaining Ideal Body Weight

It is important to acknowledge a very critical feature of body sculpting procedures like SmartLipo: cosmetic surgery does not “fix” certain issues.  Mainly, this type of liposuction surgery is not intended for weight loss, nor does it magically transform a person’s mindset of his or her body if expectations are exaggerated.

Before seeking laser lipo treatment in our SmartLipo Long Island or  Manhattan surgical centers, it is recommended that you be within about 25 pounds of your ideal body weight.  The reason for this recommendation is that maintenance of weight is a key factor in sustaining results after treatment.

Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise Go Hand-in-Hand with Laser Lipo

In reality, laser liposuction will indeed create better body contours that will most likely remain in better condition than had treatment not been administered.  However, diet and exercise are still a major part of maintaining a strong and healthy body and play a main role in sustaining ideal contours for optimal physique.

A bit of knowledge about how fat cells work may help you develop your own best plan for preparation and maintenance of Smart Lipo laser liposuction treatment.

Fat Cell Count is Pre-Determined

We are all born with a certain number of fat cells in the body.  As we go through life, we may gain and lose weight.  This is not the act of forming new fat cells, but rather the expansion of existing fat cells as they swell to absorb the excess calories we consume.

What this means is that gaining weight results in bigger fat cells, not more of them.  The person who weighs more still has the same number of fat cells he or she would have at a lower weight.

Laser Liposuction Removes Some Fat Cells, Not All

Treatment by our SmartLipo Long Island and Manhattan surgeons include the removal of a number of fat cells, but not all of them, as the body still needs some.  Removing too many would actually produce unflattering results.

Because there are still fat cells left in the body post-surgery, these cells have just as much potential to expand as those which were removed.  To that end, through diet the patient can minimize the amount of fat consumed on a regular basis, and burn off excess fat through adequate aerobic exercise.

New Habits Mean that Your New Body Can Be Maintained

There are many schools of thought on diet and exercise, which allows our laser liposuction patients to choose that which is most fitting to his or her lifestyle.  What is important is to incorporate new habits before laser liposuction surgery so that they are ingrained already.  Eating fresh, whole foods is ideal, as these provide the body with the most essential nutrients through natural (unprocessed) sources.

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Maintaining results from your laser body sculpting is uncomplicated and completely feasible.  To achieve your best body shape possible, contact us for your free SmartLipo consultation with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.

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