As we desire to improve the appearance of the body, the issue of excess fat is something to be discussed, especially as we grow older and face natural changes to a delicate hormonal balance.

While many people use diet and exercise to reach their aesthetic goals, treatment in our body sculpting New York facility is often the icing on the cake, putting the finishing touches to those areas difficult to spot reduce.

In fact, body sculpting procedures such as laser-assisted liposuction sit near the top of the list of most-requested cosmetic procedures for both men and women.

To achieve the healthiest possible results, however, takes an understanding that type and location of fat is an essential part of weight loss, and cosmetic treatments.

What our Body Sculpting New York Cosmetic Surgeons Can Do

Although treatment by our body sculpting NYC and Long Island surgeons is quite effective at creating naturally beautiful contours to the abdomen, legs, arms and other areas, there are certain limitations to treatment that have an impact on overall health.

In particular, Smart Lipo is a cosmetic procedure that effectively removes small pockets of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise.  This fat is called subcutaneous fat, which lies just below the surface of the skin.  It is this subcutaneous fat that gives plump curves to the love handles, or produces a small pooch under the chin or on the lower abdomen.

Isn’t All Fat the Same?

Liposuction Results Tips from our Body Sculpting NYC and Body Sculpting New York SurgeonsIt is easy to assume that all fat is created equal, but the body doesn’t work in the most straight-forward ways.  The simplest way to tell the difference between subcutaneous fat and visceral fat, the type of fat that can develop near our organs, is to give yourself a pinch.

Subcutaneous fat is that which can be pinched readily.  Beneath this fat lies visceral fat, which is not seen but has the most impact on overall health.  Visceral fat is not a type that is remedied with treatment in our body sculpting New York facility.

Fortunately, visceral fat is the type that will respond to changes in the diet and exercise routine.  Specifically, this deeper-lying fat will begin to melt off when strength training is added to the exercise regimen.

The Overall Impact of Fat

Because visceral fat cannot be treated with liposuction, we recommend that our patients make the necessary changes to their lifestyle habits in order to facilitate optimal results of liposuction treatment after removing subcutaneous fat.

There are cosmetic surgeons that do not explain the differences in fat to patients, which may lead to an unsatisfactory experience for the patient (as well as a waste of their hard-earned money).  We want our patients to feel confident in their appearance, and satisfied with the results achieved with Smart Lipo treatment.

To accomplish this, we find it absolutely necessary to bring up these important factors about the biology of fat.

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If you are close to your ideal body weight and wish to remedy stubborn areas of fat, treatment in our body sculpting New York surgical centers may be just the thing to reach naturally beautiful body contours.

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