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The title might at first make you think that pet owners are now able to trim extra inches off of their pet’s waist line to help them look better or to fit into the latest pet fashions.

Thankfully, people (and veterinarians) haven’t gone that far…yet.

Here’s what liposuction is actually being used for at the vet’s office.

Benign Fatty Mass Removal

For many aging or overweight pets, fatty masses called “lipomas” can begin to grow in areas of the body such as the abdomen or limbs. These lumps are benign (not harmful or cancerous), however, they can get in the way of movement and cause discomfort.

Normally, pets have to undergo a large incision to remove the mass along with many stitches to close up the wound. This involves the pet wearing an e-collar for a week or two as well as needing to come in again for suture removal.

Recovery time is “lengthy” according to the veterinarians who were interviewed for an article on Fox News 8 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Liposuction: Pros Versus Cons

Pro #1: The benefit of liposuction for pets is that recovery time is much shorter than the procedure described above. With liposuction fat removal, the animal has nearly recovered by 48 hours afterward.

Pro #2: Less anesthesia is used in the liposuction procedure, which makes it a much safer operation for older pets who don’t typically tolerate longer periods of time under general anesthesia.

Con: According to Dr. Rebecca Pentecost, there is a 23% chance that the mass could return because liposuction can only remove the fat tissue inside the mass. It does not remove the “fat capsule”.

Pros and Cons of Laser Liposuction for Humans

The benefits of SmartlipoTM laser liposuction for people go even farther than the benefits discussed for animals.

First, general anesthesia is not used, so the procedure is safer than traditional liposuction.

The cost is also lower than traditional liposuction because local anesthesia and IV sedation are used versus general anesthesia in a hospital setting.

Next, recovery time is just a few days for Smartlipo versus a week or more for traditional version of this procedure.

Finally, there is less blood loss, bruising, and swelling (thus less discomfort) because the laser fiber targets fat only and leave the surrounding tissue largely undisturbed.

This allows for a faster recovery with fewer complications.

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