When considering treatment to improve body contours, laser liposuction with our SmartLipo Manhattan and Long Island experts is one of the best options you have.

The reason why the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team sought training for this treatment was the sheer fact that lasers have played a primary role in the advancement of cosmetic surgery.  In fact, this technology is now being used in many areas of the medical field.

The main benefit of using laser is that this technology allows for less invasive procedures.  When lasers are used in surgery of any kind, the downtime after surgery is greatly reduced and healing is a less stressful event.  With SmartLipo, patients get to see the results they desire without the same level of complications involved in traditional liposuction surgery.

Explaining the ProcessOur SmartLipo Manhattan & Body Sculpting NYC Surgeons Discuss How to Lasers Have Improved Surgical Procedures

Let’s break down the use of lasers into as simple of terms as possible.  Understanding just how something works is often the way to understand why you would choose one procedure over another!

The basis of everything we know is the atom.  This is true of organic and non-organic materials and organisms.  Although the things we can see, taste, touch and smell seem to be in a solid state, the atoms that construct these things are in a constant state of activity.

The end result of the activity of atoms depends on how they are arranged and also on what energy is applied to the arrangement.  Take good old water, for instance.  In its basic atom arrangement, you have water such as what you would find in your drinking glass.

Add extreme cold to this atom arrangement and it changes from a liquid to a solid.  Add extreme heat and the arrangement turns to steam.  Although the basic chemical compound of water has not changed, the activity level of the atoms has.

Laser technology works in a similar fashion in that the different wavelengths produced by a laser are able to focus heat and light which activates the molecules toward the task at hand.  This could be lighting, cutting, printing, burning or any number of applications, such as in cosmetic medicine.

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we have seen many advancements come about due to laser technology.  As such, it is expected that lasers will be used more and more as we continue to discover how to take advantage of the technology behind them.

In our body sculpting NYC and Long Island practices, our priority is to give patients their desired results through the most conservative methods possible.  By using lasers in our SmartLipo procedures, we set our patients up for minimal scarring and a faster reveal of results.

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