You’ve done everything right. You’ve gone to the gym faithfully and worked out several times a week. You’ve tried every diet imaginable: low fat, low carb, low sugar, more vegetables, more whole grains, less meat. You feel and look a lot better than you did months ago, but there are still a few stubborn areas that refuse to slim down, no matter how hard you try.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you can’t get the body you want without help. That’s where our laser liposculpture experts come in. Using SmartLipo laser fat removal, our doctors gently melt excess fat and suction it out through a tiny incision that leaves virtually no scarring!

Laser Liposuction: The Solution to Your Problem AreasYou’ve worked hard! You deserve it!

You don’t need to keep telling yourself that if you only worked harder, you’d get the body you deserve. Sometimes, that fat just doesn’t want to go away.

Body sculpting with SmartLipo could give you the confidence you need to wear those cute jeans that have been patiently waiting in your dresser drawer.

You deserve to feel good about yourself!

Is liposuction an overly-drastic solution?

In the case of traditional liposuction techniques, this is a valid concern. With weeks of downtime, scarring, and other problems associated with the procedure, traditional liposuction is not always worth the discomfort, cost, and risk for a few problem areas.

In contrast, our laser liposuction New York and Long Island centers use the SmartLipo method, which involves using a laser to target unwanted fat and sculpt the body. In fact, our doctors can reach many small problem areas (such as the knees and the neck) with SmartLipo that would be impossible to resolve with traditional liposuction.

Here are more reasons why SmartLipo could be a good option for resolving your problem areas:

·       SmartLipo is the safest liposuction method today

·       Recovery time is only a few days

·       Can target specific areas of the body

·       Gentle and effective

·       Only requires one treatment

·       Cost effective

Are you a good candidate?

Our laser lipo New York experts offer a free initial consultation if you are interested in getting rid of those problem areas once and for all. What are some attributes that might make you a good candidate?

·       Good skin elasticity

·       Good overall health

·       Realistic expectations

Give yourself the gift of feeling great about yourself. You’ve already taken huge strides by staying fit and eating well. Let our SmartLipo NYC and Long Island doctors handle the rest. Call us now at 212.206.0023 or 631.499.1831.

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