Guys, we all have to admit that we love to look good.  Who doesn’t?  But we all just want to feel good.  It has been said by many a wise man and woman that part of feeling good is looking good.

Plastic Surgery: A Girls Club?Plastic surgery for men - a growing trend in NYC, Long Island, and the U.S.

We don’t think so.  For us to think that only women are supposed to get plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements is to completely miss the point of these services altogether.

We think that women are more open about their insecurities and seek to look and feel better for a couple of reasons: one reason may be that women are more open about vulnerable subjects such as body image.

The second reason may be that in our society, woman are often objectified and expected to look a certain way by TV, magazine covers, and celebrity nonsense.

These are the women that give life and nurture a family.  Regardless of fairness or reason, women have been seeking plastic surgery for as long as it has been available.

Why haven’t men been doing the same on the same scale as women have?

It may be that men are more prideful and refuse to entertain thoughts that make them identify with “feminine feelings” such as insecurities and feelings of embarrassment.  We challenge you to throw gender roles aside on this one, guys.  All of us want to be accepted and seen as an attractive, worthy individual; regardless of race, sex, or creed.

Plastic Surgery for All

There’s no reason liposuction should be limited to women–men battle problem areas caused by genetics and age all the time. As more men turn to liposuction body sculpting to get their bodies back, there’s no reason for anyone to feel ashamed or embarrassed about wanting to look and feel sexy, fit, and confident through plastic surgery.

In fact, male breast reduction, or gynecomastia surgery, is one of the most often performed procedures in our surgery centers.

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To Nixing Gender Roles in Plastic Surgery,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team


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