Laser Liposuction NYC & Body Sculpting NYC Surgeons Explain Important Factors in the SmartLipo Recovery ProcessOur laser liposuction NYC and Long Island surgeons perform a number of treatments that are geared to facilitating a speedy recovery process.

However, there are a multitude of factors that need to be taken into consideration for each patient, especially those who may undergo a more complex procedure such as a tummy tuck.

Having cosmetic surgery should be an exciting experience. Surgery, for any reason, however, can cause a bit of stress to the patient.

Understanding this, we do all that we can pre-operatively to answer every possible question and also prepare each patient for his or her own recovery period.

The better you plan before the day of surgery, the better your recovery will go.

Tips for Smartlipo Recovery

The first tip any surgeon should give his or her patients is to follow all medical advice before and after a surgical procedure. The instructions that you are given have been developed to allow for a safer, healthier treatment session and recovery.

It is important that patients stop medications as directed before surgery, and also important that they take any prescribed medications following treatment in our body sculpting NYC or Long Island facilities.

The Home Recovery Center

In addition to taking any prescribed medications, patients are encouraged to prepare the home to become their personal recovery center. Comfort is key, as is proper nutrition. By feeding the body well, it is better able to heal and return to a state of strength.

In the days following a procedure, it may help to eat easily digestible foods like Jell-O, soups, and fresh fruits and vegetables. For a boost of protein, patients may consider eating a light fish or hard boiled eggs which are easy on the stomach.

For some, recovering from a surgical procedure is a walk in the park. Others may feel a bit more anxious about the entire process. Distractions are therefore of great importance during the recovery period.

Patients may find a wide variety of diversions that will keep their minds off of how their body feels. It helps to add a nice collection of books, magazines and DVDs to the home before a surgical procedure so there is no chance the patient will be left with little to occupy his or her time. Music has been known to relieve stress and create a positive mental state, as well.

Loading your iPod with your favorite music is a great way to prepare for a stress-free recovery after treatment in our surgical centers.

Gather the Troops

A supportive friend or family member is an invaluable asset during recovery from any surgical procedure; we all do better with someone in our corner. Keep in touch with those closest to you through telephone calls or video chats, and you will feel less isolated during recovery.

Ask friends or family to drop by and visit if you live alone. And by all means, contact us if you have any specific questions about your recovery.

In our laser liposuction NYC and Long Island practices, we do more than cosmetic procedures. We are available to you throughout the entire process in order to assure that our patients feel comfortable and happy with their experience.

Contact us for more information about the various treatments offered in our New York City and Long Island SmartLipo offices.

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