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Toasting with a drink at midnight on New Year’s Eve is a tradition most people never consider skipping. But do you know how many calories holiday drinks can add to your overall count?

If you’re trying to prevent the dreaded holiday weight gain, it’s time to get savvy about your alcohol choices and indulge responsibly. Here are some tips to lighten up your New Year’s sips.

Caloric Content of Alcohol

You may not realize it, but alcohol contains close to the same number of calories per gram as fat (alcohol has 7 per gram, fat has 9 per gram). Moderation is key to enjoying your holiday beverages responsibly, but there are other ways you can cut down on the caloric content of your drinks.

As a base, a shot of alcohol and a 4 ounce glass of champagne contain roughly 100 calories apiece. Add a few more drinks, or simply use a few mixers, and that calorie count can quickly get sky high.

Choose the Right Mixers

Champagne, everyone’s favorite New Year’s Eve beverage, can be combined with healthier mixers, like 100% juice. While juice adds calories, it’s a healthier choice than mixers like soda. Cream-based drinks, like spiked eggnog or buttered rum, can rack up hundreds of extra calories in a single drink. Stick to light and fruity, perhaps mixing some club soda with wine and fruit puree for a fun and light cocktail.

Add Some Interest

Mixing up a fun and light punch is a great way to please the entire party. For a classic hot drink, skip the buttered rum and heat up some mulled wine, which is mostly flavored by spices. For unforgettable champagne concoctions, add some fruit (raspberries are delicious!) and top the drink off with a pretty garnish. Frozen fruit will help keep the bubbly cold so you can sip until midnight.

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