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Last week, we brought you a number of bad fitness habits and workout mistakes that are all too common–and we have yet more for you this week.

It’s challenging to start a successful workout plan, but if you break these bad fitness habits, you’ll be treating your body well, making the most of your time at the gym, and minimizing your chances for injury. Read on to see the rest of this week’s fitness don’ts.

Not Challenging Yourself

If you’ve been doing the same exercises for weeks and weeks, then you’re probably pretty good at them. But your muscles aren’t getting the most efficient workout by doing the same reps over and over again. By not switching up your routine, you’ll soon stop seeing the results of your workout.


It can be easy to forget to hydrate during your workout session, but it’s extremely important. Your muscles need water to prevent cramping, increase blood flow, and to replace fluid lost through perspiration. Bring your water bottle to the gym and remember to sip often.

Making Excuses

There are a million things you could be doing instead of going to the gym, but if you want to look and feel great, then you need to stop making excuses and just go to the gym. You’ll never make progress if you don’t put in the time. An hour-long workout is just 4% of your total 24 hour day; you can make time!

Doing Only One Kind of Exercise

Cross-training is essential for seeing optimal results from your workouts. Ideally, you would switch up strength training with flexibility exercises like yoga and cardio workouts such as dance, swimming, indoor rock climbing, or running. Doing more than one type of exercise will help keep you interested, provide a constant challenge for your muscles, and help you see great results.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Fitness and weight loss is a process and a journey. It can be difficult and frustrating to not see results right away, but unrealistic expectations are a surefire way to lose motivation and feel dissatisfied with your progress. Be patient and keep on working!

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