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Going to the gym can be difficult, and it’s hard to accept that once you’ve made it that far, there are more challenges ahead. It’s not easy to commit to regular workouts and take the journey toward a healthy lifestyle, but it’s one of the best things you can do for your health and well-being.

Don’t sabotage your progress by developing bad fitness habits. Already guilty of some? It’s time to work them out of your workout routine. Next week, we’ll have even more bad habits to watch out for at the gym.


You’ve already made it to the gym, so why would you want to waste that precious time by under-training? “No pain, no gain” may not be good advice, but it IS good advice to actually work during your workout. Start slow, build up you fitness level, and push yourself to new heights so that you’re constantly challenging yourself.

Working Out With Bad Form

This is one of the more dangerous bad habits you can fall into. Bad form can cause a number of problems, including injury, under or overworking muscles, and not targeting the correct muscles. Invest in a few personal training sessions if you’re unsure of how to perform certain exercises, especially if you plan to use free weights versus the machines.

Ignoring Your Breathing

Breathing properly can help you during your workout. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Don’t hold your breath, and focus on deep breathing throughout your workout, so you’re sure you are getting the oxygen you need. By holding your breath, blood pressure goes up unnecessarily and muscles cannot receive the vital oxygen they need to push through the reps.

Pushing Yourself Too Hard

The flip side of not training hard enough is pushing yourself too hard. At best, you’ll probably just burn yourself out. At worst, you’ll injure yourself. Go for a challenging workout, but don’t push yourself beyond your limitations.

Not Warming Up

This is a faux pas many new gym members make. Stretching and warming up helps prepare your muscles for exercise and makes you less likely to suffer injury. Just a few minutes of warming up can make a big difference by bringing oxygenated blood to your muscles and helping them to get limber.

Training Through Pain

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. While you can still train if your muscles are sore from a previous workout, working through pain is not a good idea and could exacerbate injuries.

Not Planning

Going to the gym without a plan is a recipe for an inefficient training session. Plan out a few workouts to rotate so you’re always getting the most out of your visits to the gym. One schedule that many gym-goers stick to is targeting one muscle group each day for weight lifting and doing 30-60 minutes of cardio (switching machines every few days to keep the body challenged).

The Benefits of Exercise–Feeling & Looking Your Best

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