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Many people struggle with stubborn fat that won’t go away. This fat often settles in areas such as the stomach, hips, and thighs. Some people also struggle with an additional problem: cellulite.

Cellulite involves the fat cells as well, but in a different way from localized fat deposits. Cellulite describes fat cells that press up against connective tissue, causing a lumpy appearance, sometimes with small dots that makes the skin resemble orange peel.

SmartlipoTM, a gentle laser liposuction treatment, is ideal for treating localized pockets of fat, but patients with both problem areas and cellulite often wonder: can Smartlipo reduce cellulite as well?

How Lasers Affect Cellulite

Non-liposuction laser treatments are sometimes used to treat cellulite. Lasers gently heat the skin, breaking up fat cells and fibrous connective tissue underneath. Laser treatments have an additional benefit as well, stimulating collagen, which naturally occurs in the skin, helping to keep it smooth and tightened.

Cellulite can be hard to predict, and laser treatments are not always effective for improvement. More options are becoming available for cellulite treatment such as radiofrequency and vacuum therapy. Preliminary before and after images show those patients are seeing promising results.

Can Smartlipo Help?

Even though Smartlipo is not specifically used to target cellulite, it can often have a positive impact on lumpy, “cottage cheese” cellulite, if the treatment is performed on the area that exhibits this problem.

If you’re only concerned about seeking treatment for cellulite, however, you’ll probably want to consider a treatment that specifically targets this problem, as the results may be more effective.

Cellulite can be hard to treat, and you should discuss your case with your cosmetic or plastic surgeon to plan your treatment and maximize your chances for good results.

Your Questions Answered

Have questions about Smartlipo treatment? You’ll be in good hands with our highly-qualified New York plastic and cosmetic surgeons, who specialize in laser liposuction treatments. Laser liposuction with our NYC and Long Island surgeons is an outpatient procedure, only requiring local anesthetic. Recovery time is minimal, lasting only a few days.

To learn more about getting great results with Smartlipo, call today to schedule your free consultation with our cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

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