When you think of SmartLipo laser liposuction, the first thing most people visualize is a sculpted body with a nice shape. While that is entirely true, what many patients don’t realize is that Smart Lipo also carries some health benefits.

In this special advice column, our team shares their insights about how removing fat from your body can help you get healthier.

Trouble Areas Can Be Debilitating for SomeBody Sculpting NYC & SmartLipo Long Island Surgeon Explains the Health Benefits of SmartLipo

For some of the patients we see, exercise has become a fantasy… a fantastical wish that they can no longer make true. Especially for our post-bariatric and post weight loss patients, inner thigh skin and fat can be unbearably difficult to exercise with.

The skin jiggles and moves around freely, causing chafing of the skin where it makes contact with clothing and with the adjacent thigh.

In our SmartLipo Long Island surgical centers, we can help patients get back to exercising again. Removal of the extra skin with a thigh lift is half of the solution; permanent removal of the pockets of fat with laser liposuction is the other half. Once completed, patients can begin exercising and living a more active life.

Emotional Health After Surgery in Our SmartLipo Long Island Centers

Feeling self-conscious, avoiding looking in the mirror, not participating in events where you can’t stay covered up…it’s all a part of the healing process that a SmartLipo procedure can bring.

Patients that have had laser liposuction treatment come back for their follow-up appointments with more than just an active lifestyle being something that has changed in their life. Patients report that they begin to “come out of their shell” and feel more comfortable in their own skin again. The result is an emotional healing from feeling like they need to hide themselves from the world.

No Charge for Consultations at Our Body Sculpting NYC and Long Island Centers

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will see you in either of our locations, completely free of charge. They know that it takes a visit to meet your surgeon in person before you’ll feel completely at ease. After all, it is a huge decision and it will change your life forever! Call us today at 212.206.0023 to reach our body sculpting NYC location or at 631.499.1831 to book an appointment in our SmartLipo Long Island office.

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