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Last week, we started looking at some of the new fitness trends for 2014. It’s always exciting to see the fresh and innovative ways people use to stay in shape each year.

With our current high-stress, busy culture, it can be difficult to squeeze in exercise, but people are constantly discovering ways to keep moving and make exercise a priority.

Remember, do what works for you! Everyone has different preferences. You’re never limited to the hottest trends; the important thing is to just keep moving.

Here are some more popular workout trends of the year so far.

1. Small Group Classes

More individual attention than personal training, but with a lower price tag, small group classes are proving popular this year. Ideal for friends who want to work out together, small group fitness classes offer engaging workouts with a lower price tag than private sessions.

2. Stability

Along with flexibility and strength, stability is being emphasized in 2014. Body weight strength training (discussed below) is perfect for this trend–push-ups, planks, yoga, and more.

3. Body Weight Strength Training

This year, there’s a lot of emphasis on DIY workouts, with less expensive fitness equipment, and exercises you can do anytime, anywhere. Body weight strength training exercises are gaining popularity and include push-ups, pull-ups, squats, plyometrics, side planks, reverse crunches, and lunges.

4. Exercise for Pain & Posture

Many people who suffer from chronic pain or poor posture (often caused by sitting at a desk all day) are seeking the benefits of exercise to improve these issues. Specific exercises can naturally ease pains and help people sit and stand up straighter.

Get Fit in 2014

Whichever workout routines you choose, the important thing is to make a commitment to your health and well-being with regular exercise.

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