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There are a lot of FDA approved treatments available, and if you’ve done a lot of research into different procedures, then it may have lost any power to make you feel comfortable about the stamp of approval.

If you’re considering whether SmartlipoTM is a good choice for you, you may be wondering why FDA approval is a big deal. Here’s what you need to know about what is helpful—and what isn’t—about the label.

The Process and Smartlipo Approval

The process of FDA approval can take a long time to complete, and the FDA itself does not test devices and drugs, but rather reviews research and studies on the products in question and makes the determination that the benefits outweigh the risks to the patient.

Smartlipo was first approved in the United States in November of 2007, the first laser liposuction device to gain the FDA approved status. It has been a staple in spot fat reduction and as an aid to other procedures ever since.

How FDA Approval Helps You

FDA approval can give you the peace of mind that liposuction lasers have been thoroughly researched and tested to be safe when performed by a qualified provider.

Beyond this important stamp of approval, it is much more helpful to see patient before-and-after photos and testimonials to help you decide whether laser liposuction is a worthwhile choice for you.

Research Still Necessary

Even though Smartlipo is FDA approved and has been proven to be effective for a wide variety of patients, that does not mean that it is a good idea to pursue treatment without research and assessment of your candidacy and potential surgeons.

You should familiarize yourself with the basic candidacy requirements, as well as the risks and benefits before you start on your research into potential surgeons.

It is important to meet with only highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons who make your safety and results the top priority, as there is a greater chance for complications with a less experienced provider. Potential cosmetic surgeons can assess your candidacy during consultations.

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If you think you’d like to move forward with liposuction, then it’s time to meet with prospective surgeons. Our specialists are conveniently based in New York, NY and Commack, Long Island, and have advanced qualifications.

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