Medical spas sound like a great idea at face value–relaxation, anti-aging, and a fresh new look via powerful skin treatments and anti-aging facial injections. Many medical spas are also offering minimally-invasive surgical procedures, such as SmartLipo laser liposculpture.

Unfortunately, due to loose regulations some states have had in the past, many tragic disasters have happened at med spas at the hands of inexperienced, untrained, or corrupt people providing cosmetic treatments to unsuspecting patients.

These incidents have spurred many states to crack down on illegitimate and unsafe med spa facilities, but not every region has adopted stricter regulations. It’s as important to carefully vet a medical spa as you would a plastic surgeon. Don’t pay the heavy price some patients have–disfigurement and worse.

How to Stay Safe with Med Spa ServicesCaution with Medical Spas

Here are some things to check for when researching a medical spa:

  • Make sure all medical treatments are properly supervised or performed by a qualified doctor. Some states have such vague, loose regulations, which med spas can get away with not having a doctor directly on-site.
  • Ensure the facility is clean, well equipped, and safe. Med spa facilities are often not inspected, which can cause serious breaches in patient safety due to hygiene issues.
  • Ask questions and make sure the staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and honest with you. If they don’t seem to know what they’re talking about or dodge and resent your questions, steer clear.

The Benefits of Choosing a Qualified Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon

While some medical spas are owned and operated by experienced plastic surgeons, it always pays to be cautious and do your research before you book your day of pampering and beauty treatments. Ask lots of questions, and if you feel uncomfortable about the situation, it’s best to look elsewhere for your procedures.

Often, going to a plastic surgeon is a better idea when considering a minimally-invasive procedure such as SmartLipo. Always make sure your liposculpture is going to be performed by a highly-qualified surgeon with a great deal of experience in laser lipo surgery.

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