Anyone who has struggled with stubborn fat or cellulite knows how frustrating the process can be. Unfortunately, factors like age or genetics can play a huge role in keeping problem areas problems!

In cases like this, it can be nearly impossible to remove this stubborn fat through traditional means. But don’t despair! Here are some things you can do to help treat cellulite and problem areas.

Fitness to Address Problems Areas

It’s important to understand that though it’s possible to target muscles in certain problem areas, attaining overall fitness will always make a difference, and might make it easier to concentrate on those problem areas. Always combine toning exercises with cardio! Cellulite can be improved through exercise, particularly leg exercises.

Specific Exercises

1. Tummy

When it comes to the tummy, most people automatically assume the solution is to perform endless crunches. While crunch-like exercises are great for helping to tone the belly, it’s important to note that the stomach muscles are underneath a layer of fat.

Cardio exercises can slim this down so that plank exercises, sit-ups, and crunches can tone the belly. Look online for creative belly flattening tricks like the ones in this article.

2. Saddlebags

Exercises such as lunges or squats with resistance bands will help you fit into those smaller jeans and produce a sleek silhouette. Say goodbye to thunder thighs!

3. Upper ArmsDealing With Cellulite and Problem Areas

Many people complain of loose, flabby arms. In order to slim those upper arms, the triceps must be targeted. Some of these exercises require dumbbells, which are good to have around regardless. Try some of the workouts here for sexy arms.

If targeted exercises just aren’t cutting it, consider a procedure with our SmartLipo NYC or Long Ilsand experts. Our laser lipo New York specialists can gently melt fat for you using a laser that also promotes collagen production and encourages skin firmness.

The fat is then removed, and the treated areas are sculpted. To set up a consultation for liposuction in New York City or Long Island, call our AAAHC accredited center today.


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