The stigma surrounding men who get plastic surgery is finally falling away. After many, many  years of being considered a woman’s world, plastic surgeons are seeing more and more men in their practices, seeking anti-aging and body-enhancing procedures.

It comes as no surprise that men care deeply about their looks, and they are finally opting for the previously “taboo” cosmetic surgeries women have been receiving for years. Last year, plastic surgery for moms was all the rage. Could this year’s trends shift from the mommy makeover to the daddy makeover (dubbed the “daddy do-over”)?

Daddy Makeovers with SmartlipoSmartLipo For Men

One procedure that is popular among men is SmartLipo, a minimally invasive liposuction technique. Under local anesthesia, lasers gently melt fat, which is then suctioned out through minuscule incisions.

It leaves virtually no scarring, and patients can get back to their lives in just a few days. With little discomfort after the procedure, it’s no wonder more men are joining the cosmetic surgery bandwagon.

Bo Jardine, a 33-year-old father interviewed by Khou 11 news in Houston explained his reasons for seeking the procedure: “You can work out a lot, but you just reach those points where it won’t go away,” he said. “I kind of want to get that six pack ab eventually and be cut for summertime,” Jardine said. “It’s kind of nice to be the good-looking husband with the wife and get to show off to all her friends.”

Plastic Surgery for Men

There’s no reason liposuction should be limited to women–men battle problem areas caused by genetics and age all the time. As more men turn to liposculpture to get their bodies back there’s no reason for anyone to feel ashamed or embarrassed about wanting to look and feel sexy, fit, and confident through plastic surgery.

One of the most popular treatments with Smartlipo is for gynecomastia. This surgery is called male breast reduction and it’s the most common procedure we do for male patients.

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