Can Smartlipo Liposuction Be Repeated?

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Unfortunately, sometimes plastic surgery simply doesn’t produce the desired results for all patients.

While most people who choose a reputable surgeon and are good candidates for the procedure enjoy stellar results after their SmartlipoTM procedure, others are simply not satisfied with their new look.

Poor outcomes such as dents, irregular contour, or too little fat removed are enough to make many people seek corrective procedures in the same area, but is this a safe and appropriate solution?

Revision Liposuction

Smartlipo is intended to be performed only once on a given area. When a patient has a poor outcome, however, it is sometimes appropriate for a revision surgery to be performed.

Revision surgery can often improve dents, ripples, and other aesthetic problems, especially when not enough fat was removed during the first surgery.

However, this is a more difficult procedure than the first attempt, as scar tissue and poor contour can make the result less predictable.

For patients who notice issues, surgeons might offer to do a touch-up after 6 months or so, as long as they believe the procedure will be safe.

What If the Fat Comes Back?

While many people think that it is possible for the fat to come back, this is not entirely true. The fat cells that were removed in the treated area won’t come back. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to gain weight in the fat cells that remain in those areas.

There are many, many fat cells in the body, and those that remain can continue to expand after treatment. This is why maintenance of results through diet and exercise is vital to long-term success of the procedure.

If a repeat procedure is really the only option, it might be performed again depending on the discretion of the surgeon, but it becomes more difficult to produce excellent outcomes with subsequent treatments in the same area.

Treating New Areas

Though treating the same area can be tricky, the good news is that patients who love the results from their first procedure can safely arrange for treatment in another area of the body. There are no problems with scar tissue or other difficulties, and it is just like the initial procedure.

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