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Liposuction can be a great confidence booster, particularly when used to treat problem areas and contour the overall shape of the body.

As it can be easy to slip into old bad lifestyle choices following surgery, many prospective liposuction patients want to know how much maintenance will be required following the operation.

Naturally, the worst case scenario would be to gain the weight back and lose the progress gained through surgery. Today, we’ll answer the question: can fat come back after liposuction?

How Liposuction Works

Liposuction works by actually removing the fat cells themselves. As adults, we do not make new fat cells, the fat cells we already have simply expand as we gain weight. Liposuction effectively removes specific fat cells in problem areas, but fat cells that remain, as well as those in other parts of the body, can still get bigger and cause weight gain.

The reshaping of the body from liposuction can be permanent with proper maintenance of body weight. However, even with potential weight gain, body contouring to enhance the person’s overall figure is a very attractive perk of liposuction.

Likelihood of Weight Gain

Liposuction patients should be aware that the surgery is not a cure-all for avoiding potential future weight gain. Poor diet and exercise can easily lead to weight gain for post-op liposuction patients, and the fat is likely to settle in places other than the areas that received liposuction.

For example, a patient who received liposuction on the abdomen would be more likely to gain weight in the upper body and arms, rather than in the stomach. Patients need to be very diligent about leading a healthy lifestyle to avoid these problems down the road.

The good news is that even in patients who regain some weight, many are still happy with their results, thanks to the body contouring that occurs during the procedure.


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