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Last week, we brought you an assortment of easy tips to enhance your current weight loss program. Today we continue with seven more unique and useful tips and tricks to try out.

Remember: you’ve got nothing to lose but pounds!

Keep Things Cool

There’s nothing like a nice, warm room in the winter, but you could be hindering your weight loss goals by keeping the thermostat cranked up high. A colder room forces your body to burn calories to keep warm. You don’t have to freeze, just consider a lower base temperature.

Swap Your Drink

Most people like to have a drink now and again, but alcohol can be high in calories (and/or sugar). Next time you’re choosing your drink, reach for a glass of red wine. It’s full of antioxidants and could help you save calories on a night out. For non-alcoholic drinks, it’s best to reach for plain water or sparkling water with an added splash of either juice or fruit puree.

Avoid Processed “Health” Foods

Low-calorie foods, including those sweetened with sugar substitutes, are anything but healthy. While they may be low in fat, calories, or sugar, these foods contain dangerous chemicals that won’t help you lose weight and could even harm you. Always choose whole foods over processed options.

Meeting Up? Skip Dinner!

Getting together with a friend doesn’t have to mean a high calorie dinner on the town. Eat beforehand and try an activity-based get together instead such as hiking, running, or biking. Want to enjoy a meal around the table? Do a healthy themed potluck or cook dinner for your friends and have them bring the wine. Changes like these are easy on both your wallet and your waistline.

Slow Down

Rushing through your meals can keep your stomach from realizing when it’s full. Chew each bite thoroughly, enjoy the flavors, and take your time. Practice putting the fork down in between bites and having a sip of water after you swallow your food. You may find that you eat much less at each meal!

Do Yoga

While yoga isn’t typically a fat-burning powerhouse workout, It can help increase muscle mass and metabolism, help you sleep better, and improve your stabilizing muscles (leading to fewer injuries while you’re active). Yoga can also help reduce stress, one of the factors that influences weight gain.

Eat Earlier

Skipping the midnight snack could slim you down! Studies have shown that people who eat the majority of their daily calories in the morning and afternoon weigh less than those who keep eating into the evening.

Still Frustrated?

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