If you’ve tried a variety of weight loss methods over the years, then you’ve probably heard that “crash” (drastic and temporary) diets are ineffective for long-term weight loss, and may even be extremely harmful to your health.

© Jaimie Duplass - Fotolia.com

© Jaimie Duplass – Fotolia.com

What you may not know, however, is just why these diets are not a good idea. While it might be tempting and seem worth the deprivation to consume nothing but grapefruit for a few weeks to lose ten pounds, you should avoid crash diets for a number of reasons:

You Will Not Get The Nutrition You Need

Most crash diets revolve around one type of food or no actual food at all. Your body needs all kinds of nutrients, including fats, to stay healthy.

Your Metabolism Will Change

Crash diets put your body into “starvation mode”. While you’ll lose weight quickly, you won’t lose much in he way of actual fat; it will mostly be water weight. In addition, this deprivation is bad for your body and will cause your metabolism to slow down, causing you to store even more fat later.

You May Put Your Organs in Danger

If you don’t get proper nutrition, your bones and organs will lack certain nutrients needed to function. Long term, low-calorie or other extreme diets can even lead to heart attack, organ failure, or osteoporosis.

Your General Health Will Suffer

Your general health and mood will suffer on a crash diet. You’ll be moody, irritable, and have less energy. You’ll also feel deprived and be prone to overindulgence when you return to normalcy.

You Will Experience “Rebound” Weight Gain

Because your metabolism slows down, you’re likely to gain the weight back, and then some, when you stop crash dieting.

Rapid Weight Loss May Leave You With Sagging Skin

You may lose weight quickly, but your skin can’t retract as fast as the weight is coming off. As a result, you’ll likely be left with unsightly sagging skin. Slow weight loss is key to avoiding this problem.

Crash Diets to be Wary of:

  • Juice Fast/Cleanse
  • Cabbage Soup Diet
  • Single Food Diets

Weight Loss the Right Way

With winter on its way, now is the perfect time to put a healthy diet and exercise plan in place. Get a jump start on your New Year’s Resolutions and be a pro at the gym before everyone joins in January. By the time swimsuit season rolls around, you should be fit and fabulous.

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