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© Pete Saloutos – Fotolia.com

Remember when Zumba was the hottest thing around and everyone was dancing to lose weight? Well, Zumba’s still going strong, but its viral success has faded.

Fitness fads come and go, just as fashion trends do. It may still be early in 2014, but new fitness fads are already emerging. Here are some of the top fitness trends that are helping people to get moving in the New Year.

There are so many, in fact, we’re going to be talking about more of them next week!

1. Fitness in the Digital Age

Appealing to those who find it hard to get motivation to make it to the gym, more exercise programs are being made available online, both free and subscription-based. Programs like these have the advantages of convenience, economy, and privacy, but some people might not be able to keep up motivation and intensity, or might miss the experience of group classes or the gym itself.

2. High-Intensity Workouts

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) programs, such as CrossFit, are extremely popular among people with busy schedules that still want to be lean and fit. These workouts typically last no more than half an hour, but are extremely intense and yield great results.

3. Focus on Overall Wellness & Recovery

A healthy diet and muscle recovery have always been important components of fitness, but overall wellness awareness is becoming more mainstream. With stress almost inevitable in our current culture (which can lead to weight gain and health problems), anti-stress methods such as adequate sleep, yoga, and recreational activities are being emphasized.

Wellness coaching is also on the rise–allowing people to plan and maintain a comprehensive wellness plan with a trained coach.

4. Yoga

Going hand-in-hand with those high-intensity workouts is cross training with exercises such as yoga, which increases flexibility, stretches the body, and provides a different type of strength training. There are many different types and levels of yoga, so everyone can benefit from this type of cross training. Yoga has been popular for years, and continues to enjoy a high rate of interest and participation.

Plastic Surgery Trends

Plastic surgery procedures change in popularity from year to year, just as fitness trends do. However, less invasive body-enhancing procedures such as SmartLipo will always be in vogue.

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